Walter Smith
Oct 15

Tombstone in Homewood

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Edited: Oct 15

I live in Pittsburgh and have been through the large cemetery that is Homewood many times.. I would personally like to pay my respects, and leave flowers as well as a few Yuenglings to the great soul we lost last year. I’ve looked into the burial and services, but to no avail, do I actually know the correct location within Homewood. As I’m also not interested in trashing or disrespecting the family, I’d like to know if anyone can help me out with a plot or general location within Homewood to be searching... I have read the Jewish ritual on rights of passage that state a marker won’t be placed until after a year, and being that all of us have waited a long time to do the same, I’m just asking. Does anyone have some information that would help in making sure his site is well taken care of and decorated, as it should be a place for everyone else to do the same? And also anyone have some information about do my college homework services?

Nov 1

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  • kenyonross
    Oct 16

    This is the 7th season of the West Homewood Farmer's Market. As the market manager, we're always nervous about how the patrons of the market will enjoy and find value in the market as well as we know it needs to be worth our vendor's time and effort to show up. Now that we have one market under our belt for the 2017 season, what do you think of the new layout. Does is it need more or less of anything? A penny for your thoughts.

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