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Vendor Spotlight: Bagwell Blueberry Farms

Antioxidants? Have you heard of ‘em? All you have to know is you shouldn’t miss out on them and Bagwell Blueberry Farms had them locked and loaded for the past month at the West Homewood Farmer’s Market. What started as a hobby and 20 blueberry bushes turned into over 100 bushes as the Bagwell’s move to where they are now. The pair of teachers now run their U-Pick farm and travel around to different farmer’s markets around the state serving up delicious blueberries that will absolutely make your mouth water and are, you guessed it, packed with some of those crucial antioxidants.

Bagwell Blueberry Farms may have spent their last week at our market, but they are located in Cullman and are open for customers to pick their own blueberries throughout the season. They also offer a few seasonal vegetables for anyone who stops by to pick up and enjoy.

If you want to know more about the Bagwell operation or reach out to these kind folks you can find them on Facebook if you simply look up “Bagwell Blueberry Farms”.


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