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It's All About the Soil at Marble Creek Farmstead

Updated: May 28, 2021

Mathew and Jessie Lawrence established Marble Creek Farmstead in Sylacauga, AL in 2014. They knew they wanted to start a family and raise their kids in an agricultural setting, and it was important to Jessie to know where her meat came from. For Matthew, who used to compete in barbecue competitions and cater weddings, raising quality meat with excellent taste was a need he saw that needed to be filled.

Marble Creek Farmstead raises pastured chickens, turkeys, and ducks along with grass-fed beef, goat, and lamb. The Lawrence family practices regenerative agriculture that focuses on pasture movement and healthy soil. Not only does regenerative farming eliminate disease and pests, it follows the patterns of nature. As the animals are moved on a regular basis, the land has adequate time to regenerate and form a healthy soil biome. This process naturally increases organic matter and holds more moisture and carbon in the soil, which in turn, creates more earth and better grass for the animals to eat. The Lawrences and their customers believe their healthy meat products tastes so much better, and the micronutrients from the flora and fauna provide extra nutrients.

The animals at Marble Creek Farmstead spend their days outside on fresh grass and enjoy plentiful sunshine. They graze on a chemical free pasture that is never sprayed with pesticides or herbicides, and their diet is supplemented with certified non-gmo feed. Marble Creek is also one of the few farms in the state that has its own on-farm USDA certified processing plant.

The Lawrence family’s favorite part of farming is living in nature constantly and having nature be their office. It connects them to the earth, which they believe is best for their soul. Mathew sees the importance of farming in shaping the local social and economic fabric. “The best thing families can do is to buy meat and veggies locally and directly from their farmer. It is the best thing you can do for your own health and society. By allocating just 1% of your food budget to farmers, our country would have a thriving agricultural market.”

Marble Creek Farmstead will be at the market all summer. You can buy grass-fed beef, bison, goat, and lamb along with pasture raised chicken and turkey, duck, eggs, and assorted cheeses.

See you on Tuesday!

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