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Across the Street and Six Feet Apart

Updated: May 6, 2021

Individuals often long to move to new cities after college to pursue their dreams. For Samford graduates Charlie and Mary Kate Scott, living the dream included putting down roots in West Homewood. “We know that Birmingham is a hidden gem,” Mary Kate said. “We have loved watching this special city grow over the years.”

The couple are both involved with Young Life in Homewood. Mary Kate is a PICU nurse at Children’s Hospital of Alabama while Charlie works as an accountant at a firm he loves. Their involvement in the community plus their jobs have led them to believe this is home…. even if it meant moving to the neighborhood during a pandemic.

Moving to the Neighborhood in a Pandemic

In April of 2020, Charlie and Mary Kate packed up and moved to West Homewood- their very first choice of places to live! Moving during the pandemic has had its own set of challenges in addition to those expected stresses involved in moving. Mary Kate loves hosting people. She said, “The Lord gives us gifts to use for his glory, and I think mine is hospitality.” Not being able to invite people into their home has been somewhat of a struggle for the Scotts. In wanting to be good stewards of their home, they are extremely eager for the time to come when they are able to invite neighbors and friends into their home.

They have, however, been able to find joy and excitement in West Homewood by being encouraged by the love they see in their neighbors. In a time when it is so difficult to be connected, they have still seen the beauty in the connection their neighbors have with one another, their community, and West Homewood. Patriot Park serves as a beacon of the love this community has. Mary Kate said, “When Charlie and I walk by the park, we see first-hand how strong the community is here.” This is also a beautiful depiction of the diverse group of people that make up West Homewood. Mary Kate reflected on the rainbow of individuals enjoying life with their neighbors and friends that can be witnessed just by taking a stroll around the neighborhood. She said, “I see Hispanic men and boys playing soccer. I see Yemen women on walks with their children. I see kids of all different colors playing together on the playground. That is what this community is.”

Whether it be on walks around the neighborhood or trips to the park, Charlie and Mary Kate have been able to meet so many of the people in this community by just saying hello as they pass by. Mary Kate said, “A vast majority of the relationships we have built have been across the street and six feet apart!” They look forward to a time when these neighbors can even further their sense of community by being able to all be together in one place and invite them into their home.

Moving to West Homewood during the pandemic didn’t make their dream neighborhood lose its charm for the Scotts. In fact, it’s made them see that West Homewood was in fact the best neighborhood to call home.

We'd love to share your story if you live, work, or play in West Homewood.

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I love this series! Thanks so much for helping us meet our neighbors virtually during this crazy time!!!!

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