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RE: Formal Request for Donation

To Whom It May Concern,


The West Homewood Farmer’s Market team is incredibly grateful for the partnerships we’ve developed over the years as we’ve developed into a thriving and fruitful Birmingham Farmer’s Market. We are a non-profit group which launched a farmer’s market 10 years ago with the hope to...


  • Offer FREE booth space to select growers and producers.

  • Create a space/event where the community (Birmingham) can build sustainable relationships.

  • Expose Alabama growers and makers to as many Alabamians as possible.

  • Help the community buy nutritional food as well as introduce them to the farmers who grow it.

  • Provide a platform for non-profit organizations to illustrate their value to the community.

  • Invite the community to invest time in doing good and serving each other.

  • Continue to develop the West Homewood Community Exchange where neighbors serve each other using an

  • online platform where hours of service are tracked and exchanged.


The West Homewood Farmer’s Market hopes to continue to inspire a neighborhood and a city to connect and to serve each other well. We strive to create sustainable initiatives that serve our patrons and help our vendors. Funds donated to the market will be used to make it more inviting and successful; success defined as reaching the aforementioned goals.

The market is a 5013c under Shades Valley Community Church’s organizational structure. Check out our sponsorship options which details the exposure provided in return for your donation. Thank you for considering

our request. We can be reached at the email or phone listed above.

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