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Vendor Spotlight: Bettina Morgan, Pudding Amore

Bettina Morgan, a former 911 dispatcher, has been selling her famous banana pudding recipe that was passed down to her from her grandmother for years now. Her decision to resign from working as a 911 dispatcher and start this business was not an easy one, but she says she knew that is what God was leading her to do. She explains, "My 6 year old grandson who I inherited from my daughter's death in 2010 was about to start kindergarten and my husband and I both worked jobs that would have left him with no one to care for him after school. We had no other choice but to do what was best for him." Morgan was able to spend more time with her family once she started this business, as well as continue to financially provide for them as well. The banana pudding itself holds a special place in her heart, seeing as it has been a family favorite for over a century. "My grandmother Maude Dukes Elliot was a great cook. She raised me and also taught me how to cook banana pudding." Morgan says that her vision through Pudding Amore will bless a plethora of consumers while also beginning a lifelong family legacy. "I am so grateful unto God for giving me the wisdom and knowledge to bring Pudding Amore to life! Amore stands for love, dedication and zest; which is what I add to this dish as I prepare it. May it satisfy your soul as you taste and see how good it is..." Check out Pudding Amore's stand at the West Homewood Farmer's Market this summer and see for yourself how tasty it truly is!

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