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Vendor Spotlight: Cantina Tortilla Grill

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Every week during the summer, the West Homewood Farmer's Market hosts various vendors that all bring something unique to the table, and Cantina Tortilla Grill's food truck is definitely a crowd favorite! Cantina Tortilla Grill's restaurant has been serving deliciously fresh Mexican food for over 10 years now, and lucky for all of us, the "Cantina On Wheels" food truck visits us at each market this summer! They serve a wide variety of tacos that any person is sure to enjoy. Are you a meat lover? Great! You can try out Cantina's Asada taco with beef tenderloin, pico de gallo and pinto cream sauce... or even their chicken taco, which is filled with sizzling boneless chicken breast strips, garnished with cilantro mayo and pico de gallo. If meat isn't your thing, no fear! There is a Veggie taco on the menu as well that is sure to satisfy your taste buds! The food truck's veggie taco consists of grilled yellow squash, tri-colored bell peppers, and zucchini accompanied by fresh, dry slaw with cilantro mayo, and a slice of avocado! (No worries, our mouth is watering right now too. You aren't the only one.) These menu items follow the recipes that were created by Guillermo Castro, the founder of Cantina Tortilla Grill's restaurant. Castro's love for travel and his passion for fresh, delicious Mexican food perfectly combined to create what is now the Cantina that we know and love. Come visit the West Homewood Farmer's Market this summer and taste for yourself the food that everyone is talking about!

If you want to know more about Cantina, you can find all of this information and more on their website:

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