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Celebrate Independence Day Immersed in Live Music, Fresh Produce, and an Inviting Atmosphere

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Market Address: 160 Oxmoor Road, Homewood, AL 35209

Dates and Hours: Every Tuesday from 5 pm to 8 pm in June, July and the first Tuesday in August

Market Manager: Jessica Harris (email)

Phone: 833-WESTHWD (937-8493) Ext. 1 or 2

Looking for the Perfect 4th of July Activity for Your Family? Join us at West Homewood Farmer's Market for an Unforgettable Night Full of Smiles and Community

The Fourth of July is arguably one of the most exciting and eventful nights of the summer. What better way to spend it than with us, at West Homewood Farmer's Market? As the sun sets and the stars begin to twinkle, we invite you to partake in an unforgettable experience at the West Homewood Farmer's Market. Join us for a delightful evening immersed in the captivating melodies of live music, where the essence of the 4th of July harmonizes with the scents of fresh produce, handcrafted treats, and delicious foods. The market is the perfect place to eat dinner, walk around, and relax before heading to your local firework show! Bring your family, bring your friends, and join us as we enjoy the magic of this festive occasion. Together, let us create cherished memories that will forever be the backbone of our community.

We still have WHFM merchandise available but it's going fast! Be sure to visit Cathi at the market's INFO booth to see our WHFM swag! At the INFO booth you can find T-shirts from past seasons marked down to $10 and new shirts (shown in the photo on the right) for $20 as well as two different style WHFM hats for $25. Bags are coming!



We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of this week's live entertainment - none other than Motel Ice Machine! Over the past few weeks, we've been treated to a series of extraordinary performances by our talented musicians, leaving us in awe. Rest assured, this Tuesday's showcase promises to be yet another exceptional musical experience.

Motivated by a profound passion for the soul-stirring melodies of American country music and a burning love for the raw energy of rockabilly, Ryan Flynt fearlessly embarked on a mission to create something truly exceptional. In pursuit of his musical vision, he summoned a collective of kindred spirits, summoning both old comrades and newfound talents to breathe life into his audacious endeavor. The result? Motel Ice Machine, a band that seamlessly weaves together the rich tapestry of rockabilly, bluegrass, and old country into a harmonious symphony.

United by their unwavering commitment to staying true to their individual artistic identities, each member of Motel Ice Machine brings a unique blend of talent, skill, and passion to the table. Their collaborative spirit is a testament to the power of collective creativity, resulting in a musical brotherhood that radiates an unmatched synergy.

When Motel Ice Machine takes the stage, their performances become an immersive experience that transcends time and genre. Their fearless exploration of sound captivates audiences, transporting them to a bygone era where the rebellious spirit of rockabilly harmonizes with the poignant storytelling of bluegrass and the raw authenticity of old country. It is a captivating journey that engages the senses, compelling listeners to surrender to the irresistible rhythm and infectious melodies.

Click below to learn more about Motel Ice Machine!



Looking for a dish to impress your guests or satisfy your cravings this 4th? This refreshing recipe captures the essence of the season, showcasing the bountiful produce of summer while paying homage to the spirit of independence. You can find most of these ingredients at West Homewood Farmer's Market this Tuesday, so let's dive into this irresistible Red White and Blue Summer Salad recipe that will undoubtedly become the star of your holiday feast.


  • 2/3 cup extra virgin olive oil

  • 1/2 cup julienned fresh basil

  • 1/3 cup white balsamic vinegar

  • 1/4 cup julienned fresh mint leaves

  • 2 garlic cloves, minced

  • 2 tsp dijon mustard

  • 1 tsp sea salt, 1 tsp sugar, 1 tsp pepper

  • 2 cups cherry tomatoes

  • 8 cups fresh arugula

  • 8 oz fresh mozzarella pearls, drained

  • 2 medium peaches, sliced

  • 2 cups fresh blueberries

  • 6 oz thinly sliced prosciutto, julienned

  • extra mint leaves

1. Begin by whisking together the first nine ingredients in a small bowl, creating a dressing. Set this mixture aside, allowing the flavors to meld while we assemble the salad.

2. In a generous-sized bowl, combine the arugula leaves, mozzarella pearls, slices of fresh peach, blueberries, and prosciutto.

3. Now, it's time to bring the dressing into the spotlight. Pour the tomato-infused mixture over the salad, ensuring every ingredient is coated in the dressing. As you gently toss the salad, watch as the red, white, and blue combine to create a 4th of July dish that's as visually stunning as it is delicious.

Hint: To add a final touch of freshness, garnish the salad with a sprinkle of additional mint leaves.



Sponsors, please consider giving to the GIVE & GROW campaign; which is designed to directly benefit the farmer, grower, and producer (FGP). The West Homewood Farmers Market over the last three years has been able to raise enough funds to enable a select number FGPs to not have to pay booth fees at the market. We'd like to expand that offering by giving you a way to pay those fees directly. We're calling it GIVE & GROW. Give and watch the market GROW. Obviously, this doesn't generate additional revenue needed to grow the market but it does help the FGPs grow, saving them money, and helps us to recruit more vendors like them. We will continue to raise funds through traditional grant, sponsorship, and donation request. In addition, as the traffic continues to grow on we will sell very affordable advertising options.

Contact us today or click one of the following links to learn more...



It's hard to believe the West Homewood Farmers Market is opening for our 13th Season this summer and we're excited to introduce and ask you to welcome our new Market Manager - Jessica Harris. Patrons and Vendors alike are going to love her - and, no, we're not going to ask her to wear that big 'ole goofy cowboy hat!

Jessica comes to us by way of AmeriCorps whose mission is to build community through environmental stewardship! I think we're going to adopt that mission statement! In addition, AmeriCorps provides the market with summer interns who help us make the market happen each week. We want to give a big shout-out to UAB who manages the AmeriCorps program. Be sure to say hello to Jessica this summer.



Vendors can apply to the West Homewood Farmer's Market 2023 Season. Click here:

The West Homewood Farmer's Market is a family-friendly market where no alcohol is served and kids have as much fun as adults. We will have kid's planned activities again this summer as well as a good-'ole fashioned sprinkler set-up. Bring your little ones dressed in something where they can get soaked. You'll love the photos you can capture! It's simply a hose with a sprayer on the end... nothing fancy but the kids love it.


Interactive Vendor Map

Discover the participating vendors at the market by using our interactive vendor map. This tool not only reveals who will be present at the market but also provides their contact details.

For a complete Vendor List go here.


Video by Nicholas Coker



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