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Shop Local, Eat Local, and Support Local at West Homewood Farmer's Market

Market Address: 160 Oxmoor Road, Homewood, AL 35209

Dates and Hours: Every Tuesday from 5 pm to 8 pm in June, July and the first Tuesday in August

Market Manager: Jessica Harris (email)

Phone: 833-WESTHWD (937-8493) Ext. 1 or 2

Welcome to the West Homewood Farmer's Market: Where Supporting Local Farmers and Businesses is Fun and Enticing!

Join us for another exciting week at the West Homewood Farmer's Market, where rain or shine, we're committed to supporting our vendors and fostering a sense of community. Despite recent weeks of worrisome rain, our market has flourished thanks to the dedication of our vendors and the unwavering support of our patrons. From local farms to food trucks and independent artisans crafting exquisite jewelry or delectable baked goods, we strive to create a welcoming and supportive environment for all. Come and experience the vibrant community at the West Homewood Farmer's Market every Tuesday this summer from 5 pm to 8 pm at 160 Oxmoor Road, Homewood, AL 35209.

Be sure to visit Cathi at the market's INFO booth to see our WHFM swag! We have a few t-shirts from last year that are only $10 and new shirts (shown in the photo on the right) for $20. We also have great looking hats for $25. Bags are coming!



We look forward to welcoming this week's live entertainment - The Clay States! The past few weeks we have been absolutely wowed by our live musicians and we're sure this Tuesday will be no exception.

Stephen Collins and Lauren Little, a dynamic duo hailing from Alabama, captivate audiences with their powerful vocal harmonies and evocative storytelling. Through their music, they skillfully paint a vivid picture of the decaying landscapes and fading glory of the post-industrial South. Blending elements of experimental country with the timeless essence of old-style lament, their unique sound transports listeners to a realm where tradition meets innovation. With each heartfelt performance, this talented duo creates a mesmerizing experience that resonates with the raw emotions of their audience. Prepare to be enchanted as Stephen Collins and Lauren Little weave their musical tapestry, inviting you to embark on a soul-stirring journey through their captivating melodies and poignant lyrics.

Click below to learn more about The Clay States!



For over a decade, the West Homewood Farmers Market has been fortunate to have the one and only Bill Farris, affectionately known as Mr. Bill, the Balloon Man. With his incredible talent for creating whimsical balloon animals, Mr. Bill has brought endless joy to children throughout Birmingham.

Bill's journey as a balloon artist began in 1986 after being inspired by a street fair in Austin, Texas. Since then, he has dedicated himself to mastering the art of balloon twisting, enchanting audiences at various events. You can find him showcasing his skills and spreading smiles at the West Homewood Farmer's Market every Tuesday.

Mr. Bill’s presence at the West Homewood Farmers Market has become a highlight for young visitors. Week after week, children eagerly gather around his booth, eyes sparkling with anticipation, as Bill works his magic. With each twist and turn of the balloon, he transforms ordinary latex into extraordinary creatures, delighting all those who witness his artistry.

But that's not all! Mr. Bill’s incredible talent has also made him a sought-after entertainer at other events throughout Birmingham. He captivates both children and adults with his vibrant and intricate balloon creations at the renowned Pepper Place Farmer's Market every Saturday. Moreover, he brings his enchantment to birthday parties, church events, fundraisers, and more, creating unforgettable memories for all in attendance.

The most rewarding part of Mr. Bill’s work is seeing the pure delight on children's faces when they receive their very own balloon creations. Their joy, wonder, and laughter fuel his passion for what he does. Now, you have the opportunity to bring Mr. Bill’s magic to your own events! Whether it's a birthday party or a special gathering, Mr. Bill is available for booking. Simply call or text him at 205-616-5485 to secure his services.

Let's express our heartfelt appreciation for Bill Farris, who has been making children smile at the West Homewood Farmers Market for more than a decade. His extraordinary talent and unwavering dedication remind us all of the magic that can be found in simple moments. Thank you, Mr. Bill, for sharing your gift with our community. We look forward to experiencing more laughter and wonder with the Balloon Man at the West Homewood Farmers Market and beyond!



At our core, we are passionate about supporting our community in their pursuit of local food and shopping. Yet, our mission extends beyond those boundaries. We believe in spreading joy and positivity throughout every moment of your life, even when the market is not active. That's why we've compiled a list of just a few community gardens in the Birmingham area, where you can not only nourish yourself but also contribute to the growth of your community. These gardens offer you an opportunity to cultivate a connection with nature, share your skills, and give back to the community that supports us all. Embrace the spirit of giving and explore the bountiful community gardens that await your green thumb. Together, let's create a lasting impact that extends far beyond the market's opening hours.

  • ​P.E.E.R. Community Garden: 7753 First Ave. South Birmingham, AL

  • Mountain Brook Presbyterian Community Garden: 3405 Brookwood Road Birmingham, AL

  • People Helping People Urban Farm: Off of I-20/59 near exit 113 on Jay Bird Road, Bessemer

  • Birmingham Southern Community Garden: 900 Arkadelphia Road Birmingham, AL

Discover the "Community Garden Coalition for Birmingham" Facebook page, an online community dedicated to fostering a sense of togetherness and ensuring food security for the Birmingham area. By following the link provided below, you can join a group of like-minded individuals who are passionate about building a resilient community through sustainable gardening practices. On this page, you'll find a wealth of valuable resources, including links and tutorials for engaging in economic projects from the comfort of your own home. Explore the possibilities, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and contribute to the collective effort of creating a thriving and sustainable future for Birmingham. Click the link below to visit the "Community Garden Coalition for Birmingham" Facebook page and become part of the movement today!



Sponsors, please consider giving to the GIVE & GROW campaign; which is designed to directly benefit the farmer, grower, and producer (FGP). The West Homewood Farmers Market over the last three years has been able to raise enough funds to enable a select number FGPs to not have to pay booth fees at the market. We'd like to expand that offering by giving you a way to pay those fees directly. We're calling it GIVE & GROW. Give and watch the market GROW. Obviously, this doesn't generate additional revenue needed to grow the market but it does help the FGPs grow, saving them money, and helps us to recruit more vendors like them. We will continue to raise funds through traditional grant, sponsorship, and donation request. In addition, as the traffic continues to grow on we will sell very affordable advertising options.

Contact us today or click one of the following links to learn more...



It's hard to believe the West Homewood Farmers Market is opening for our 13th Season this summer and we're excited to introduce and ask you to welcome our new Market Manager - Jessica Harris. Patrons and Vendors alike are going to love her - and, no, we're not going to ask her to wear that big 'ole goofy cowboy hat!

Jessica comes to us by way of AmeriCorps whose mission is to build community through environmental stewardship! I think we're going to adopt that mission statement! In addition, AmeriCorps provides the market with summer interns who help us make the market happen each week. We want to give a big shout-out to UAB who manages the AmeriCorps program. Be sure to say hello to Jessica this summer.

The West Homewood Farmer's Market will be open this summer on Tuesday nights from 5 pm to 8 pm. The market features a nice selection of fruits, veggies, meats, cheeses, eggs, micro-greens, and baked goods, as well as a large selection of dinner options some come, shop, and have dinner while you're listening to the market's live entertainment.

Check out our Interactive Vendor Map below. Know who's coming to the market and where you can find them. The market is located at 160 Oxmoor Road, Homewood, AL 35209 nestled right in the center of the West Homewood neighborhood and parking is very easy. If there are no spots in the market's parking lot try the many lots in the surrounding area. Also, please do not park on both sides of the neighborhood streets.

Get ready to shop for every kind of vegetable and fruit from Alabama's best local farms. Many times the items you're buying are picked that very morning. Come learn straight from the farmer or producer themselves. You won't find a better experience in stocking up for the week.



Vendors can apply to the West Homewood Farmer's Market 2023 Season. Click here:

The West Homewood Farmer's Market is a family-friendly market where no alcohol is served and kids have as much fun as adults. We will have kid's planned activities again this summer as well as a good-'ole fashioned sprinkler set-up. Bring your little ones dressed in something where they can get soaked. You'll love the photos you can capture! It's simply a hose with a sprayer on the end... nothing fancy but the kids love it.


Interactive Vendor Map

Discover the participating vendors at the market by using our interactive vendor map. This tool not only reveals who will be present at the market but also provides their contact details.

For a complete Vendor List go here.


Video by Nicholas Coker



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