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Vendor Spotlight: Borth Beach Soapery

The West Homewood Farmers Market is excited to welcome Borth Beach Soapery to our market. Borth Beach Soapery was founded by husband and wife, Ray and Wendy Cousins. Ray was fortunate to grow up on the beautiful seaside of Borth in Wales, U.K., where his grandmother made her first products for her family over 70 years ago. The memory of homemade products, made from all-natural ingredients, is what inspired the creation of Borth Naturals. Borth Beach Soapery products are lovingly hand-made with plant-based, non-genetically modified ingredients. None of their ingredients, formulas, processes or final products have been tested on animals and a full list of all ingredients, and their properties, can be found on their website. Borth Beach Soapery offers soaps, balms, body butters, candles, special products made just for dogs, and much more.

Ray and Wendy are proud to be based in Birmingham in “Alabama the Beautiful,” and are committed to giving back. With every purchase through Borth Beach Soapery, a portion is donated to improving the lives of those living with mental illness. Mental illness affects one in five Americans and Borth Naturals strives to be a part of the solution.

Check out Borth Naturals - 100% Simply Natural Products for a complete list of their wonderful products.

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