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Vendor Spotlight: Emily's Heirloom Poundcakes

Give a warm welcome to Emily’s Heirloom Poundcakes! Back in 2014, Emily and her husband needed to raise $14,400 to be able to send their sons to Europe for 20 days and then China for 17 days. They decided as a family to start selling their Heirloom Poundcakes that all their friends loved. The pound cake was inspired by their “Big Mama”, Emily Magnolia McClung. Through local markets and social media, they were able to raise every penny for their sons trip. Through their fundraising, they discovered the poundcake was not only a favorite with their friends, but with many other people too!

This was the start of Emily’s Heirloom Poundcakes! By that point, they had already started shipping all over the country. They also sell the pound cakes on Amazon! In 2021, Emily was named the Retailer of the Year! The pound cakes are light and moist, and bring back precious memories of a simpler time. Their best seller has been, and still is, the Original. Stop by Emily’s Heirloom Poundcakes booth and try pound cake that represents love and everything good about family!

Check out their website to learn more!

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