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Vendor Spotlight: Fiddler's Farm

Beef and Veggies -- It’s what the Reid family has been doing for years. Fiddler’s Farms, located in Hayden, Alabama, has been a top vendor to visit at the 2022 West Homewood Farmer's Market! Having raised generational cattle, growing a variety of tomatoes, peppers, squash, okra, eggplant, and more, the fine folks at Fiddler’s continue to be excited to chat with the West Homewood community about their work and product that they have brought to the market for the 2022 season.

The Reid’s started by sharing beef with their friend’s and family, but the cattle side of their farm has grown substantially into their entire operation. Everything is grass fed/grain-finished and they encourage you to come choose your animal during your visit at the farm. On the veggie side of the farm, the variety of options are plentiful. Beautiful heirloom, red, and cherry tomatoes available each week, and our personal favorite are the fresh peppers that are the perfect addition to any dish to spice things up a notch. The crowd at the Fiddler’s Farms tent has been booming all summer long and there is plenty of more produce to come check out!

Learn more about the work the Reid Family is doing at Fiddler’s Farms on Facebook here.

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