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Vendor Spotlight: SoulSistah3.0

West Homewood Farmers Market is excited to have SoulSistah3.0 as part of our 2022 Summer market. Tamika Banks has built an impressive catalog of natural products featuring natural oils for skin and hair, butters, and handmade jewelry that she is thrilled to share with West Homewood. Tamika and SoulSistah3.0 are happy to return for another year at the market to continue building on the experience from previous years. SoulSistah3.0 will bring a wide variety of hand designed wood and fabric earning, bracelets, kid's jewelry, homemade massage bars, skin and hair oils, and all natural body creams/butters. Banks is also excited to bring back her The Free Books for Kids program to the market this year, which she created to “raise awareness and increase literacy in urban communities to raise test scores and lower the school to prison pipeline.”

When asked about how she is feeling about this year’s market, Tamika commented, “I am excited to bring SoulSistah3.0 to West Homewood Farmers Market for another year, as it is my first time being approved as a regular craft vendor for the 2022 season. I enjoy my time as a craft vendor as it builds my relationship with the community and families of West Homewood. Family and community are something I hold close, and I look forward to seeing the readers, families, returning market-goers, listening to local musicians, and enjoying great food from the local food trucks.” Keep an eye out for Tamika and the SoulSistah3.0 booth at this year’s West Homewood Farmer’s Market!

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