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Vendor Spotlight: Mathis Mini Farm

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

West Homewood natives Michelle and Brad Mathis are delighted to join the West Homewood Farmer’s Market for another season this summer! With operations based in Chilton County, the Mathis’ are ready to share their produce with the community alongside educating the public on the importance of conservation practices that they implement on their farm. The Mathis’ run a small farm in Chilton County in which they tend to on the weekends outside of their full time jobs during the week. The Mathis family grow a variety of vegetables and fruits and stress the application of conservation practices like utilizing cover crops, implementing crop rotation, and leaving trees present to do their part in keeping care of the land on which they farm.

With four years under their belt at the farm and expanding the operation each year, the Mathis’ will bring a variety of fruits and vegetables including tomatoes, corn, peas, green beans, okra, cucumbers, and watermelons to the market this year to share with the neighborhood. New this year to the mix, that Mathis' are bringing in collard greens, kale, and cabbage! that Mathis Mini Farm participates only in one market a year, and West Homewood is delighted to be their host. Learn more about Michelle and Brad’s work at the farm and more at The Mathis Mini Farm on Facebook and Instagram where they regularly update what they will be bringing to the market each week.

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