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West Homewood Company News

By Kenyon Ross

New Team Members

The West Homewood Company has exciting news. Samford student, Haley Sue Harbison and West Homewood's very own Brandi McGreevey have signed on to help us tell the stories of our neighbors (people who live, work and play within this community). Our hope is that you'll feel an even deeper connection to this community after reading them. Watching neighbors turn into friends has the power to transform and strengthen a community, not just through diversity, but in light of it.

TELL US YOUR STORY: Whether you live, work or play in West Homewood, we'd love to hear the ways in which you feel connected to this community (click here to tell us). You can also reach our story tellers at 833-WESTHWD (937-8493) Ext. 4.

Cassidy Ashley has also joined us to help raise awareness and the funds needed to accomplish a big vision. If you're a business in West Homewood, please consider adding your business to the West Homewood website (click here to learn more). Your advertising dollars go towards funding new initiatives, driving awareness of this awesome community and web traffic back to you. Think about it, who's telling Birmingham visitors to check-out West Homewood? We can do that but it will take a team to accomplish this. Cassidy can be reached at or by calling 833-WESTHWD Ext. 3.

Our Mission

Our mission will remain centered on launching initiatives that do-good and help turn neighbors into friends. Here's what we have on the plate for 2021:


  1. The West Homewood Farmer's Market, under the leadership of our new Market Manager (Brandon Braud) is aiming to dramatically increase the number of farms, specialty growers (mushrooms, lettuces, micro-greens, etc.) as well as products made from animals (eggs, cheeses, meats, etc.). Our mission has always been take care of Alabama's lands and animals by taking care of those who do. We're going to get back to accomplishing that as a primary mission for the market. We're looking for volunteers for the market and will be searching for teenagers to work the market this summer. Please reaching out to Brandon Braud at

  2. The Turning Neighbors into Friends Initiative, as mentioned above, will be publishing a neighbor's story per week. If you haven't already, check out our newest blog post... Be sure to watch our new video that lays out this mission.

  3. Fundraising: Cassidy Ashley will be actively reaching out to local West Homewood businesses, larger Birmingham corporations and grant opportunities.


All of our attention will be turned towards operating a successful Farmer's Market and creating a space where neighbors can get to know each other. If you don't already know, the market is open every Tuesday night from 5 pm to 8 pm and located at 160 Oxmoor Road, Homewood, AL 35209.


A new initiative we're hoping to launch this fall are new Neighbors Community Groups (10-15 neighbors) who will go through a training called "Getting to Good" where we will explore what Good looks like and how we can find common ground with our neighbors by working together on what is good. (example: a Farmer's Market).

I hope you'll find a way to get involved. Let us know if you're interested (

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