2022 West Homewood Farmers Market is Closed for the Season


What's Happening


Welcome to the community of West Homewood located in beautiful Homewood, Alabama where approximately 1,500 families live nestled around and close to beautiful Patriot park and pool, have top-rated schools, great places to shop, eat and drink, a summer farmer's market and within a short drive to every amenity needed. 

The West Homewood Company hopes to be all about stories where we foster an environment of listening and engaging others to learn and tell their stories. We seek to promote the good businesses and people of West Homewood as well as be a part of creating spaces where people can be inspired by goodness and creativity.


Our initiatives will ask “What is Good” and will require a community to be intentional and actively involved. As an example, the West Homewood Farmer’s Market’s aims to educate and feature good producers, growers and makers of Alabama. Our mission is to be a part of a framework of meaningful and tangible resources for Alabama growers.